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Visit the future at the Studio Arts campus where creative minds work in Virtual & Augmented Reality. 

Find advising for a career pathway in Animation & Game Design, Film Production, Interactive Media, Audio & Design, Photography, and Interior Design

Living Arts College 

Premier programs & courses for Film, Animation & Game Design, Interactive Media, Photography, Audio Design, Interior Design with connections to Virtual & Augmented Reality 

This Studio Arts Campus has been working on the Blockbusters for over 27 years

Register to meet with your Adviser online or on campus. attend and be connected with a senior adviser online. Your experienced Adviser will work to examine your potential ... and, perhaps chart a career pathway for higher rewards. Your talent may have new worth!

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Living Arts College

TIPS ... prepare for Acceptance

Campus Reopening June 24th

Now may be the best time to advance to becoming a Creativity Professional

Living Arts students are performing. They have faced the challenge, and they are prevailing. They have grown. With Covid-19 reality, Living Arts students, staff and faculty have jumped into the world of distance learning ... away from their campus sharing environment. They have adapted and in doing so, have attained new skill sets, some of which may offer added rewards they return to campus June 24th ... with rewards that include:

+ Gaining higher time management and project management skills ... they are accomplishing more by meeting tough deadlines, creating at higher levels of creativity, and building self worth as upcoming Creativity Professionals.

+ Submit samples of your work to along with name and phone number, if you have not already submitted.  

Complete your FASFA using school Opieid code 03109000 + bring your Federal tax returns to help calculate financial aid +  parents will also need a Federal ID number + FASFA. Call for final tips and be rewarded: 919.488.8504 

How do I look build my worth as a valuable Creativity Professional
... working with my 
Living Arts Adviser?

Solution: Your experienced Adviser may have answers.

Campus Reopening Notes ... 

As an enrolled student ... Welcome back to a campus Celebration/Orientation to New World 2020, Tuesday, June 23rd. Brink your face mask to be used during limited sessions, look to assigned seating and continious wellness checks. Your Student Services office answers your questions at: 919.488.8504

The reopening of the Raleigh Studio Arts Campus come with new, ProjectREAL study. Jump into being tasked to out perform with creating real-world like projects. The are projects, not assignments; that should pay off as portfolio assets ... real evidence that say's you're tuned to creating at the applied creativity level.

Check it all out.Phone an Adviser at 919.488.8504

This could be the better time to seek admission to the Studio Arts on (and off) campus experience

Raleigh, North Carolina Living Arts Studio Arts Campus reopens June 24th ... hosting advanced study via ProjectREAL portfolio challenges.

... or, jump ahead with an Application

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Yes, a studio arts education may lead to a life changing experience. However, ambition needs a partner. That "partner" is a planning team ... helping finding a match up between your potential as a rising creativity star within the studio arts ... or, falling back to a more traditional role, that 9 to 5 job. A smart beginning may be going backstage with your Living Arts Adviser.

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