Open House Career Day

Be here at the incredible studio arts campus


See the future at the Studio Arts campus where creative minds will work in Virtual & Augmented Reality. That time is near!

Find advising for a career pathway in Animation & Game Design, Film Production, Interactive Media, Audio & Design, Photography, and Interior Design

Living Arts College 

Premier programs & courses for Film, Animation & Game Design, Interactive Media, Photography, Audio Design, Interior Design with connections to Virtual & Augmented Reality

This Studio Arts Campus has been working on the Blockbusters for over 27 years

Register to attend and we'll examine your potential by connecting you with a senior Adviser. Find more possibilities sooner!

Open House Career Day registration has advantages!

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Living Arts College

TIPS ... prepare to attend

April 18th
10am sharp!

Living Arts Open House Career Day has advantages ...

+ Mini workshops + visit the studios + meet the faculty & advising staff + connect with the trending opportunities in the studio arts, virtual & augmented reality ... + plan your career pathway

+ Find Founder's Tuition Support for qualified students + jump reserving on-campus housing at SmartSuites + claim your better schedule + get invitation priority to VIP events

+ Bring current samples of your work if not already received + phone if you have not already completed your FASFA + bring your Federal tax returns to help calculate financial aid +  parents will also need a Federal ID number + call for final tips and be rewarded!